Track: 4×800 relay record shattered

The weather was a little cooler for the Big Lake Invite Track and Field Meet on Thursday, April 26, but the Princeton girls 4×800 relay team was running hot when they broke a seven-year-old Princeton School record.

Ashley Urman, Kaitlin Kittock, Melinda Meyer and Caitlin Reeves’ time of 10:14.70 broke the old record of 10:18.60 set in 2005 by Shannon Guse, Kristi Bronson, Traci Arnold and Becky Cross.

This record time helped propel the girl tracksters to finish second overall at the meet.

“Our girls continue to perform well; we earned points in every event in this meet and continue to place multiple athletes in many of the events,” coach Tom Ostroot said. “Our distance runners are shining as can be seen in setting the school record in the 4×800.”

Standout Caitlin Reeves continues to dominate her distance events and first-year track athlete Melinda Meyer is becoming one to watch in the 800 events.

“We have a solid sprinting group lead by Katie Bialka who placed in the top two in all her events (100 hurdles, 300 hurdles, and 4×200 relay) and shot put and discus specialist Jadyn Bonasera is always at the top of the leader board in those events, Ostroot said. Bonasera placed first in the discus and second in the shot put at Big Lake.

The boys finished in fifth place overall, with nice races run by Chase Arens, taking second in the 3200 meter run and Chase Lindenfelser taking second in the 300 meter hurdles and third in the 110 meter hurdles.  The boys also did well in the 4×400 meter relay with runners Rylan Erickson, Brian Kunz, Carl Wold and Chase Lindenfelser finishing in third place and the 4×800 meter relay team with Carl Wold, Chase Arens, Nicholas Langenfeld and Brian Kunz also finishing in third.

“Our boys continue to improve with each meet,” Ostroot said.

“With a relatively small roster at this meet they scored 68 points. Chase Lindenfelser is showing improvement each time out as can be seen in his performances in both hurdle events and in the 4×400 relay. The boys field a strong distance group, placing at least one athlete in all the distance events.”





4×800 Meter Relay 1 Ashley Urman, Kaitlin Kittock, Melinda Meyer, Caitlin Reeves 10:14.70

100 Meter Hurdles 2 Katie Bialka 16.60, 5 Brooke Jorgenson 18.10

100 Meter Dash 4 Alicia Lipka 13.10

4×200 Meter Relay 2 Alicia Lipka, Maddy Wood, Katie Bialka, Anna Oakes 1:52.70

1600 Meter Run 1 Caitlin Reeves 5:34.39, 5 Ashley Urman 5:53.59

4×100 Meter Relay 4 Mariah Albrecht, Naomi Kolhoff, Samantha Janssen, McKayla Aubrey 55.40

400 Meter Dash 3 Madelyn Wood 1:03.60, 4 Anna Oakes 1:04.10

300 Meter Hurdles 2 Katie Bialka 47.50

800 Meter Run 4 Melinda Meyer 2:37.83, 7 Emily Kruschek 2:42.28, 8 Kaitlin Kittock 2:43.51

200 Meter Dash 4 Anna Oakes 27.70, 8 Alicia Lipka 28.10

3200 Meter Run 5 Breanna Schultz 13:49.50, 7 Kasey Kromschroeder 14:07.00

4×400 Meter Relay 5 Mariah Albrecht, Samantha Janssen, Taylor Laabs, Naomi Kolhoff 4:31.80

High Jump 6 Ashley Urman 4-08.00

Girls Pole Vault 7 Amanda Groebner 7-00.00

Long Jump 5 Alicia Lipka 13-06.75

Triple Jump 1 Taylor Laabs 31-07.50

Discus Throw 1 Jadyn Bonasera 113-08

Shot Put 2 Jadyn Bonasera 33-06.00, 7 Monica Baxter 27-04.50



4×800 Meter Relay 3 Carl Wold, Chase Arens, Nicholas Langenfeld, Brian Kunz 8:53.70

110 Meter Hurdles 3 Chase Lindenfelser 16.50

4×200 Meter Relay 4 Nate Hoffer, Rylan Erickson, Matt Girtz, Nicholas Johnson 1:44.20

1600 Meter Run 6 Carl Wold 4:59.35, 9 Michael Huebsch 5:12.10

4×100 Meter Relay 6 Ryan Goor, Spencer Hensley, Matt Girtz, Kirk Ringey 50.20

300 Meter Hurdles 2 Chase Lindenfelser 42.60

800 Meter Run 4 Brian Kunz 2:10.11, 7 Nicholas Langenfeld 2:19.15

3200 Meter Run 2 Chase Arens 10:32.12, 6 Ryan Yonak 11:00.50

4×400 Meter Relay 3 Rylan Erickson, Brian Kunz, Carl Wold, Chase Lindenfelser 3:47.70

High Jump 6 Tate Walquist 5-02.00, 6 Brian Kunz 5-02.00

Pole Vault 5 Bailey Carlberg 9-00.00, 8 Tate Walquist 8-00.00

Long Jump 4 Ryan Goor 17-04.75, 7 Chase Lindenfelser 16-03.75

Shot Put 7 Zach Olson 37-01.00


Tigers girls first in Mora

The weather was perfect for a track and field meet Tuesday, April 24 in Mora. The Tigers’ coach gave his athletes a little bit of an “easy day,” having them not enter as many events and saving energy for the Big Lake Invitational Meet coming up on Thursday.

“On the boys side we continue to improve performance and find places where we can pick up points,” Ostroot said. “The girls continue to do well and the Conference Championship coming up on May 15 is turning out to be anyone’s game.”

The Princeton girls team tied for first in this meet with Little Falls and a total score of 66 points. Alicia Lipka helped with a first-place finish in the 100 meter dash, beating Little Falls Emily Stark by 1/10th of a  second 13.40 to 13.50. Katie Bialka came in first place in the 100 meter hurdles and 300 meter hurdles and the Princeton relay team, including Alicia Lipka, Maddy Wood, Katie Bialka and Anna Oakes, took first in the 4×100 meter relay. Brooke Jorgenson and Alicia Lipka took first and second respectively in the girls long jump and Taylor Laabs hopped to a first-place finish in the triple jump. Jadyn Bonasera continues to do well in the shot put and discus, taking second in both events behind only Amber Hines from Little Falls.

The boys were led by Carl Wold taking first place in the 800 meter run with a time of 2:12.70, a close finish beating Isaiah Korver of Little Falls with a time of 2:12.75. Brian Kunz and Chase Arens came in one second apart in the 1600 meter run to take first and second place, six seconds ahead of any other athletes. The boys finished third overall at this meet with a total score of 24.


Princeton Results:


4×800 Meter Relay 3 Melinda Meyer, Kristina Stenger, Kasey Kromschroeder, Brianna Schultz 11:08.80

100 Meter Hurdles 1 Katie Bialka 17.20, 4 Brooke Jorgenson 18.40

100 Meter Dash 1 Alicia Lipka 13.40

4×200 Meter Relay 2 Samantha Janssen, Naomi Kolhoff, McKayla Aubrey, Mariah Albrecht 2:00.70

1600 Meter Run 2 Ashley Urman 5:46.00

4×100 Meter Relay 1 Alicia Lipka, Maddy Wood, Katie Bialka, Anna Oakes 52.84

400 Meter Dash 3 Taylor Laabs 1:07.61, 4 Kaitlin Kittock 1:08.75

300 Meter Hurdles 1 Katie Bialka 48.97, 4 Brooke Jorgenson 52.56

800 Meter Run 2 Caitlin Reeves 2:24.34

200 Meter Dash 3 Anna Oakes 28.53, 4 Madelyn Wood 28.60

4×400 Meter Relay 3 Ashley Urman, Kristina Stenger, Breanna Schultz, Caitlin Reeves 4:36.55

High Jump 2 Ashley Urman 4-08.00

Pole Vault 2 Amanda Groebner 7-09.25, 4 Jordan Bloomquist 6-09.00

Long Jump 1 Brooke Jorgenson 14-02.00, 2 Alicia Lipka 13-07.00

Triple Jump 1 Taylor Laabs 31-00.25, 4 Kaitlin Kittock 28-03.25

Discus Throw 2 Jadyn Bonasera 111-06

Shot Put 2 Jadyn Bonasera 32-07.00



4×800 Meter Relay 4 Nicholas Langenfeld, Max Buffington, Carl Wold, Bailey Thorson)10:17.30

110 Meter Hurdles 3 Chase Lindenfelser 17.40, 4 Ben Leaf 18.80

4×200 Meter Relay 3 Matt Girtz, Rylan Erickson, Travis Pope, Spencer Hensley 1:44.00

1600 Meter Run 1 Brian Kunz 4:52.00, 2 Chase Arens 4:53.00

4×100 Meter Relay 4 Ryan Goor, Matt Girtz, Kirk Ringey, Spencer Hensley 49.64

400 Meter Dash 4 Nate Hoffer 57.38

300 Meter Hurdles 3 Chase Lindenfelser 44.62

800 Meter Run 1 Carl Wold 2:12.70, 4 Nicholas Langenfeld 2:18.40

4×400 Meter Relay 3 Chase Arens, Nicholas Johnson, Luke Paplham, Brian Kunz 4:02.43