Ask a Trooper: License Plate Covers

Question:  You might have written about this before, but I have recently heard conflicting information regarding license plate covers.   First, I heard that the clear ones are legal, but now someone else told me they are not.  I just want to know, what does Minnesota law say?


Answer:  At one time, the clear covers for license plates were legal.  Now they are not legal.  Neither the front license plate, nor the rear license plate can be covered with any material whatsoever, which inhibits the reflectivity of the license plate.  Since any covering at all practically eliminates all reflectivity of the license plate, they are not allowed.  I know they look nice, and they keep the license plates clean, but no matter what you have heard, they are not legal, because they diminish the reflectivity of the license plate.


Even though a charge of this type is not a moving violation, and does not go on your driving record, you will still have the fine to pay, which is around $127.00, depending on your additional court fees in your area. If you want to cover your license plates, be prepared to pay the fine for doing so!

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