Letter: Single Issue Voting

Gay marriage, abortion, guns, taxes, voter-id and new schools. Some voters and therefore some candidates seem to have tunnel vision by focusing only on a single issue. Should candidates for public office need to take a public stand on every issue before all of the information is available? It has been suggested that I may be anti-student because I have not publicly declared that I would vote for a new school if elected to the Princeton School Board. This could not be farther from the truth.

My view of education is a triangle with STUDENTS at the top. The two lower corners are “teachers” and “taxpayers”. Quality education is a partnership of students motivated to learn, teachers dedicated to continuous improvement and taxpayers committed to quality education. I am a taxpayer and if elected by taxpayers, my performance will be evaluated by taxpayers. The true stakeholders in education are the students we serve but they cannot vote.

Furthermore, one should not assume that I favor the single issue of lowering taxes. I am currently a student and this issue is about “balance”. The public debate of the facts concerning whether Princeton needs and can afford a new elementary school has just begun. The general public has not seen the details of the current school deficiencies much less a guided tour. We have not seen the detailed benefits, impacts and the change it will cause for our STUDENTS by a new location.

I became a candidate because I believe voters deserve a choice. Any choice is better than no choice. I filed very late the last day with three other candidates for four open positions.

If I had not filed the school board would have appointed yet another “yes” vote for a new school. I may very well support a new school referendum but I will not decide until I have many more facts including all of the related costs.

I am comfortable if people disagree with my decision making process proved there is an environment of true and genuine information openness.

Chuck Nagle, Baldwin Township