Letter: Walsh will bring respect to county attorney office


At this point, Joe Walsh is the only common sense choice to be our county attorney in the upcoming Primary election.

After the most recent controversy, it is plain to see that the atmosphere at the county attorney’s office is toxic.  I don’t think either the current county attorney or her assistant challenging her can effectively manage the office after what has happened.

It is clear the the current county attorney holds a grudge and is willing to use a technicality to her advantage.  Is that the kind of person we want as county attorney?  It is easy to use the office of county attorney to do the same to any citizens of Mille Lacs County that she may hold a similar grudge against.  The citizens of Mille Lacs County can’t afford to take that risk.

Her assistant challenging her has clearly lost the respect of his fellow co-workers and the county board.  How can he lead the office and advise the county board at this point?  His claim that a dismissed speeding ticket was the reason he chose to run at the last minute doesn’t make sense.  Right or wrong, it was just a speeding ticket.

Joe Walsh’s honest leadership is what we need in a county attorney.  He saw the problem of our current county attorney being inexperienced and unwilling to try cases, so he publicly announced his run back in January.  Since then, he has continued to campaign on the facts and his good reputation in the community without controversy.

If you are still undecided on who you should vote for in the upcoming primary election, I enthusiastically recommend Joe Walsh.  He is hard-working and will bring respect back to the office of Mille Lacs County attorney, and that is what is desperately needed now more than ever.

Jeff Strand