Sylvan Learning

Technology and business seem to be changing at a faster pace than ever. Today’s way of doing things often changes. No wonder the increasing focus on the importance of students being adaptable and acquiring skills that will be useful for tomorrow’s job market. It is essential that today’s students learn the basics of study skills so they can build on that foundation as they progress into higher grades and face increasingly difficult coursework and more independent study.

Sylvan_1Sylvan Learning of Coon Rapids was established to provide students a personalized learning plan based on individual assessment results that will build a child’s confidence while developing the skills, habits, and attitudes for them to be successful in school and in life. Building that foundation of skills and confidence is critical for kids as they continue through their school years and into the workforce.

Sylvan Learning of Coon Rapids provides tutoring for students pre-k through adult in math, reading, study skills, homework support, college/state prep testing and more. Sylvan also makes learning fun. All of Sylvan’s teachers have 4 year degrees and/or are licensed. In addition, they receive continuous training through Sylvan to better their teaching methods and/or knowledge of our curriculum.

Sylvan Learning utilizes a new proprietary digital learning system – SylvanSync™. This innovative approach to personalized learning blends Sylvan’s proven instructional methods with the latest technology. With SylvanSync, Sylvan instructors use a unique, individualized lesson plan to teach at the skill level and pace of each student, aided by the engaging and intuitive Apple iPad®. We also provide many free resources to parents and educators to enhance the learning process when students are not in our center. We provide access to a website called “MySylvan” where parents have 24/7 access to their children’s learning progression, as well as additional tools for them to utilize at home.

Sylvan is mobile with the new technology of iPad’s and is able to branch out into the community and have Sylvan programs at other locations. Sylvan has recently partnered with Jam Hops in Ham Lake to make learning even more convenient for families. Kids like the fact that they don’t have to go from location to location. They can get their tutoring done right after or before practice. We’d love to explore more opportunities and create more partnerships with kid-friendly businesses.